HELLisnotaHOME (deathcardblues) wrote,

name = Jordan
piercings = None. I think for good this time, but I always say that.
tattoos = Four.
height = Five foot Awesome.
shoe size = Ten, ten and a half, eleven. My Chucks are nine and half.
hair color = Brown with lil' blond dudes. More blond guys since the suns been out more.
siblings = One sister.
movie you rented = Uhm. I don't really rent movies. My parents rented the Last Samurai. It's no Kill Bill.
movie you bought = Hm... Kill Bill Vol. One, probably.
song you listened to = Alice, by Tom Waits.
song that was stuck in your head = Stupid Milkshake song.
cd you bought = Quality by Talib Kweli.
cd you listened to = Year One by Give Up the Ghost.
person you've called = Julie.
person that's called you = I dunno. I don't really answer my phone.
tv show you've watched = Aqua Teen Hunger Force, presently Conan.
person you were thinking of = "And so a secret kiss brings madness with the bliss."
you have a crush on someone = I guess sort of. I don't really do crushes.
you wish you could live somewhere else = London.
you think about suicide = Rarely, and usually only in hyperbolic initial reaction.
you believe in online dating = Actually dating online? I can't presume that'd be all too exciting.
others find you attractive = In a three-year old sort of way.
you want more piercings = No, merci.
you like cleaning = Considering there are empty beer cans and scattered clothing on my bedroom floor and I still haven't unloaded some of my college stuff from my car, I'll say yes.
you like roller coasters = They're fun for shits.
you write in cursive or print = Cursive.
long distance relationships = It's doable, I presume.
using someone = I don't play those games, I prefer Xbox.
suicide = I suppose that just depends on the person.
teenage smoking = You're legal for two years as a teen, whatever.
driving drunk = If I were to say I didn't, I'd be badgered by the irony of my bastard, drunken actions.
gay/lesbian relationships = Not my steez, but what-ev.
soap operas = No, thanks.
ever cried over a girl = Probably.
ever cried over a boy = Not in the context that I presume this question was asked in.
ever lied to someone = I fell through the ice of Alice.
ever been in a fist fight = Eighty million times.
ever been arrested = Nah, I don't roll like that.
shampoo do you use = Beats the Hell out of me. Or cleans me, whatever you'll say.
shoes do you wear = Usually something black.
are you scared of = I'd prefer not to dig into that right now.
of times I have been in love? = How did the razor find my throat?
of times I have had my heart broken? = Uno.
of times you've broken someone's heart = Once.
of girls I have kissed? = A handful. A leaky handful.
of boys I have kissed? = Negatives.
of people I would classify as true, could trust with my life type friends? = Myself?
of times my name has appeared in the newspaper? = Like I care.
of scars on my body? = Oh, God. Lord only knows.
of things in my past that I regret? = A handful of character-building mistakes.
pretty? Scarce.
funny? Dry.
hot? In the summer.
friendly? Ha.
ugly? In certain aspects.
loveable? If you can comprehend/deal with me.
caring? More than I let on.
sweet? (bites himself) Salty. (brushes shoulders off)
dorky? Incredibly.
Have you ever.
Said "I love you" and meant it? Yeah.
Went out in public in your pajamas: My sister drove me to Wendy's in my boxers last weekend.
Kept a secret from everyone: Yeah.
Ever at anytime owned new kids on the block stuff: (said with lisp) OH, I have a secret shrine in my bedroom closet.
Been on stage: Yeah.
Been to New York: No.
Been to California: Nope.

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