HELLisnotaHOME (deathcardblues) wrote,

(to someone, we're nothing. to nothing, we're everything.)

My vindication for family and friends
Who'll perceive my absence as unwritten ends
Should only me taken as unspoken blessing
Because it's my past who I've been wrestling.
As my dreams fall short and flat,
I only want you to know this and that
My sorrowful attempts at coming clean
Of my failures and your misconceptions mean
Everything to anyone willing to accept
The worrisome love and humble concept
That everything I was has now changed.
The bitter-past neglects have now ranged
From sex to drugs to abuse to hate,
And I'm aware that this may be too late,
But please remember me for the good,
We all know that's the way we should.
Take heed and lesson from my life,
Avoid the useless drama and strife
To harness the strength from within.
And now I speak as I experience chagrin,
Construe these words as I surrender,
Allow yourself to once again feel splendor.
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